Your Patient’s Journey

Count On Curated Aftercare by Maudey® To Simplify & Enrich
Your Patient's Hearing Aid Journey

Extremely easy for your patients to use

Your patients learn at their pace, 24/7

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Two great options for patients that accommodate individual & group viewing

Option 1 Maudey is easy for your patients to use on their personal laptops or mobile devices
Option 2 If your patient likes casting/streaming movies, they'll love using Maudey on their home TV

Online Mentor Your Patients Can Trust

Maudey was designed and clinically tested by an experienced audiology and digital health team with support from grants awarded by NIH. Also, Maudey’s secure platform is HIPAA-compliant — and your patients’ Protected Health Information will never be sold to third parties.

It’s Ultra-Easy To Get Started

After you fit your patients with their new hearing aids, you will introduce them to Maudey with a short introductory video and enroll them. Then they will be ready to start their new hearing aid journey and embrace the sounds and experiences of life.

Your Patients Learn Along With Their Family & Friends

It’s important that your patient’s family and friends understand their hearing challenges and learn new strategies for improved communication. Your patient should invite them to use Maudey so they can view its educational videos, tips and more. They will learn:

  • How to support your patient’s hearing aid use and care
  • How to better communicate with your patient in different environments