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Our Mission & Vision

MISSION: The mission of Healthcare Technologies and Methods (HTM) is to empower, engage and educate patients to improve their outcomes and their provider’s efficiency. We place special emphasis on the unique user interface/user experience (UI/UX) needs of older adults because they deserve it.

VISION: The vision for Curated Aftercare by Maudey® is to enhance patient-centered care and family-centered care from the initial hearing aid fitting through the trial period and beyond. This vision includes:

  • Empowering your patients with convenient home-based aftercare, 24/7, while requiring fewer office visits
  • Empowering your staff efficiently with a concise, real-time patient report and alerts to track your patient’s progress & provide more timely support in fewer hours
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Company History

Meet Alan and Stephanie Letzt, the company founders and co-inventors of Maudey. These spouses have made a commitment over the past 30 years to improve patient-centered care for older adults by developing technology and content that are effective, engaging and extremely easy to use.

Alan, a graduate of Carnegie-Mellon University, and Stephanie, a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, earned their master’s degrees in engineering and molecular biology, respectively. Alan’s minor in psychology spurred his career specialty in human factors/usability and Stephanie’s work in medical research inspired her specialty in public health.

Their early R&D was motivated by the healthcare experiences of their parents who were dealing with hearing loss, medication adherence issues and interactions with assisted living caregivers. Over the years, they have developed novel ideas that received support from Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants awarded by the National Institute on Aging (NIA).

The first company they founded, ATC, developed and patented AccuNurse, a novel, voice-activated, hands-free system for use in long-term care. AccuNurse was installed in more than 400 long-term care facilities and was later acquired by Honeywell Corp. Their company’s accomplishments led to:

  • A prestigious “Tibbetts Award”: SBA
  • The “”High Tech Excellence Award”: Commonwealth of Virginia
  • An invitation to exhibit at the White House Conference on Aging

Subsequently, Alan and Stephanie founded Healthcare Technologies and Methods (HTM) to address hearing healthcare for older adults. With the support of $4 million in NIA-SBIR grants, HTM’s talented interdisciplinary team has developed the customizable hearing healthcare application they named Maudey and its curated content and features. While designed to meet the learning needs of older adults and others who are not tech-savvy, Maudey may be used effectively by younger adults as well.

Management Team

Alan M. Letzt, MS
President & CEO

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Stephanie P. Letzt, MS
Vice President

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Ronald J. Klayton, MD, FACP, FCCP
Chief Medical Advisor

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Maureen J. Wiskerchen, MA
Director, Audiology

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Elizabeth S. Segall, BA
Director, Client Support

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Thomas A. Powers, Ph.D
Executive Consultant

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