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Give Patients a Superior Hearing Aid Experience with Curated Aftercare
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Patient-centered Aftercare
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Family-centered Aftercare
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Augments Personal Counseling
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Satisfied & Empowered Patients
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Curated: (adjective) cu·rat·ed –carefully chosen and thoughtfully organized

Imagine if your patients used their hearing aids effectively and were completely satisfied with their experience. Imagine if a virtual assistant was easier for your least tech-savvy patients to use than watching TV. And what if that translated into fewer staff hours and calls to your office? Maudey’s “Curated Aftercare” makes all of that possible!

Getting Started is Easy  With Maudey, you will be provided everything you need to successfully launch and implement Curated Aftercare so it blends into your workflow. It’s all included in our dedicated set up and support service!

Why Curated Aftercare?


Maudey helps patients learn how to use their hearing aids and optimize their experience. With Curated Aftercare by Maudey®, the training and setup are quick, easy, and designed to support your busy staff! Maudey’s short, curated videos help your patients master the use and care of their hearing aids, learn important new communication strategies, and troubleshoot problems at their convenience. Then, you can track their progress and gain insights into their personal needs at your convenience.


Maudey is perfect when family members can’t accompany patients to their fitting appointment. Now they can watch the curated videos at home with the patient on their TV. Navigation is simple and makes viewing together as easy as watching a movie. Maudey can also be accessed on their laptop or tablet. And for your more tech-savvy patients and family members, Maudey can be accessed on their smartphones.

Augments Personal Care & is Provider-efficient

After you complete each hearing aid fitting, it takes just 3 minutes to enroll each patient in Maudey through your provider’s website. At home, the patient learns how to use Maudey with an introductory e-mail and a 12-minute video. Maudey will reduce unscheduled office visits — and will free up valuable time for your Care Team.


Augments Your Training to Boost Patient Success

Curated Aftercare by Maudey augments your in-person training and support. As a result, patients are able to master the use and care of their hearing aids as well as communication strategies conveniently, around-the-clock.

Extremely Easy to Use with Engaging Content

Maudey’s educational content and user interface were designed by experts in audiology, health literacy & human factors. As a result, Maudey is easy for patients to use and its content is easy to fully understand and implement.

One Secure Platform for All Hearing Aid Brands

Curated Aftercare by Maudey is customized for each patient and applicable to all hearing aid brands & styles. And it includes interfaces to Noah and Epic. As a result, it helps your care team work more efficiently and effectively.