Provide Hearing Aid Aftercare That's Easier Than Watching TV

Imagine sending your patients home with a virtual hearing aid assistant that helps them achieve their hearing aid goals 24/7 and experience complete satisfaction. Imagine if this assistant helped you improve your hearing aid aftercare and generate customer loyalty with fewer staff hours. You can achieve all this and much more with Maudey®. And your practice can be up and running rapidly!

Maudey easily integrates into your workflow and promotes patient-centered and family-centered care! 

After you complete each hearing aid fitting, you will be able to enroll your patient in Maudey in less than 3 minutes. Then your patient will be introduced to Maudey by viewing a 12-minute training video. Back home, your patient will use Maudey to select their personal goals and start their enhanced hearing aid journey. They will save unnecessary office visits — and you will free up valuable time.

Maudey is specially designed to match the learning needs of older adults and become your patients’ at home aftercare mentor.

By viewing Maudey’s short videos, your patients will master the use and care of their hearing aids and learn important new communication strategies at their convenience. And you will  track their progress and gain insights into their personal needs at your convenience.

HTM provides you with everything you need to successfully launch Maudey, including training videos, as part of our dedicated support for your staff and patients!

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Boosts Patient Success
and Overall Satisfaction

Maudey converts “patient-centered care” from a cliche into a reality. Maudey’s educational reinforcement and improved patient-provider communication empower your patients – so they are satisfied & loyal and benefit from their hearing aids daily.

Extremely Easy to Use
with Engaging Content

Maudey’s educational videos and other content were designed by experts in health literacy and “human factors for the aging”. That’s why they are engaging and easy for all patients to understand – including older adults and others who are not tech-savvy.

One Secure Platform for
All Hearing Aid Brands

Maudey begins helping your patients navigate their hearing aid journey immediately after their fitting – regardless of the brand and style of hearing aid. Maudey is HIPAA-compliant and your patients’ PHI will never be sold to a 3rd party.